We bring Gamers together.
Let’s grow together with us

Our core values are something we live by

For us, these are more than just words on a page.

These principles guide each decision we make, serving as the path we’ll follow to achieve our goals and mission. These values help us build trust with and delight our creators, fans sponsors, partners, and even amongst ourselves. They ensure that we are the same company that stands for the same things no matter our audience.

The One Mentality

Strive for continuous improvement and innovation

What it means

  • Welcome challenges
  • Strive to improve 1% a day
  • Always be thinking outside the box

Putting stakeholders at the center of everything we do

What it means

  • Always be putting yourself in our stakeholders' shoes
  • Go the extra mile to amaze and delight our stakeholders

Speak your mind, but be polite

What it means

  • Take pride in opportunities to share your beliefs, failures, strengths, and decisions
  • Your feedback is necessary to help others grow
  • State your thoughts immediately and with honesty

Collaborate based on mutual trust

What it means

  • Communicate with purpose and compassion
  • Develop agreed-upon goals and clear responsibilities
  • Be open minded

Finding your flow to do the best work of your life

We believe that working today is less about when and where you work but more about the value and outcomes that you deliver.

Our approach to working is collaboration and being result-oriented. Once we agreed on an objective, we then we trust you and your managers to decide when and where you should work to produce the best result, whether that means working from office, from home, or taking a hybrid approach both from home and office.

Workspace is not the only space we’ll provide, spaces to grow is another one of those..

To continuously grow, learn, and evolve is in our DNA.

Being in the driver seat of the evolution of gaming, creator economy, and the internet requires everyone in the company no matter their seniority to continuously learn and expand. All so we can learn faster than the world is changing and stay a few steps ahead.

We take an always-on approach, encouraging you to embrace learning as part of your daily. We do this through stretch assignments, new challenges and informal knowledge sharing so you can improve every single day

Finding belonging at work

We believe that diversity enriches the way we see the world which in turn help us build better stories and services.

Here, we don’t determine how to dress up, carry, or express yourself. We ask you to bring the full expression of yourself to work, where you can show up fully as you are, and be embraced by the people around you.

We treat people with empathy, kindness, and fairness so that not only everyone who works here feel like that their belong but also empowered to be their best

Other benefits to suport you and your loved ones

Generous paid parental leave

Early wage

Generous covid 19 support for your family

Full coverage private insurance

Lifestyle & Entertainment Discount

Meals and snacks in the office

Our Stories


Noctua, Head of Game Solutions

One of my Biggest Dream is becoming NPC in Game that I Publish/Develop, The NPC will be smiling inside the game and Players will find NPC - Haekhel to exchange rewards, Although it was a simple dream but it's very meaningful for me, I can share Joys and Happiness for everybody through the Rewards I gave, This is the only ways I can make everybody happy, In ATTN I blessed with a support from all Players to make my dream come True!


WHIM, Operations Lead

My journey starts from joining ATTN in 2019 working as a Project Manager for two years in that role and have been in charge of many projects. And that helped me understand both the business and the industry as a whole. Therefore, throughout my career at ATTN with the company’s support, trust and encouragement, I could get a lot of experiences and challenges that have grown me to be who I am now as a Product Expert for MCN


Creatory, Product Manager

Most start-up companies offer a flexibility that doesn’t balance between work and personal life. As a young generation, those are my simple dreams that I can have the flexibility, work-life balance and healthy environment surrounding the Creatory team. Moreover, I couldn’t just be the ‘feature factory’ here, but I have the opportunity to trial the best practice of product management. Thank you ATTN for making it happen and give me room to grow.


ATTN, Business Reporting Specialist

Started as an avid Mobile Legends player until becoming a part of Southeast Asia's most well-known Esports Organization and Talent Management. Behind the scenes, witnessing every step of ATTN's growth is the thing that I've been dreaming of. I am very proud and thankful to grow together with ATTN.

We're looking for all kinds of people.

ATTN is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions on the basis of merit. We want to have the best qualified people in every job. ATTN Policy prohibits unlawful discrimination based on race, religious creed, sexual orientation, gender, age, or any other consideration made unlawful by applicable state or local laws.

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